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Jour 149: Priscilla Chan, Frugal-Icon-in-Training

Presenting... Priscilla Chan!

Who is Priscilla Chan, you say?

Well, since she just married Mark "Facebook" Zuckerberg, she's one rich lady. But it's not the golddigger-marries-geek story that you might expect, having witnessed the various marriages of Donald Trump and Bill Gates. No, Priscilla and Mark were together pre-Facebook and she just graduated with her medical degree and is going to be a pediatrician.

Priscilla and her hubs, whatshisface from that movie
And... she's totally frugal, you guys!

I know what you're thinking, "which one was she in The Social Network?" And the best answer I can find is... the girl in the background of this shot? Maybe?

You know Brenda Song's character isn't Priscilla, because Priscilla would never war a top that low cut.

OK, the real answer is that she wasn't in The Social Network. Zuckerberg apparently was dating her all through the creation of Facebook, and he wasn't a sociopathic loner as seen in the film. Rather, they had a very normal (boring, non-movie-inspiring) relationship and blah blah blah.

But the frugality? OK, first of all, she married Mark Effing Zuckerberg. A true golddigger (or a Kardashian) would have pimped out this wedding to all of the magazines, Entertainment Tonight, and had a spectacle to rival the Royal Wedding.

How cute is this wedding photo? So cute. Also: frugal. You can tell this wasn't posed and photographed by like, a guy from People magazine or whatever.

But Priscilla and Mark? Totally got married in front of 100 guests at his house. They pretended it was a party to celebrate Priscilla's graduation from med school, then were like, "Surprise! Nuptials!"

Her dress cost $4,700 which may seem like a lot of money. But to a Say Yes to the Dress devotee like myself, I know that's kid's play. To compare, Kate Middleton's was $400,000 and Kim Kardashian's was $10,000,000 (AND Kim had three dresses! I know!). It also sounds like Priscilla bought it off the rack, rather than having a custom-made gown by a designer (which she totally could have afforded to do).

Aw, she's so pretty and he's so nerdy.
Plus: her wedding dress on the runway, to get the full length shot.
I appreciate that it wasn't one of those uber-overdone princess type gowns (*cough, Kim Kardashian, cough*)

Her engagement ring cost about $25,000 which isn't frugal at all, until you consider that her husband is worth $19 billion or whatever. In fact, some people were making fun of Mark Zuckerberg for not buying her a more expensive ring. To those people I say, seriously? $25,000 is a crazy amount to spend. But apparently, it's frugal to some, so I'll list it here among her other virtues.

This article also mentions a sweet story Priscilla's sister told, where she tried to convince P to buy a pair of $600 shoes, and Priscilla totally wouldn't. Because she's frugal and $600 shoes are insanity, even to a rich person.

... she may need to work on her street style, though.

I don't know enough about her (and her hair) to adequately label her a Frugal Icon. It will take a few years to truly understand her frugal ways. But I will grant her an Apprentice Level Frugal Icon status, for the time being.

Congrats, Mrs. Zuckerberg! Sorry your husband's IPO did so crappily. I'm sure you'll be a great pediatrician!

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