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Jour 146: 31 Days of Lipstick update #2

Nooo! Don't kill yourself by shoving the lipstick up your nose, vintage advertising lady!

Hey, guys. So, here's the thing. Today I more or less threw in the towel re: 31 Days of Lipstick. Not for lack of lipstick, but because I think I've learned my lesson.

That lesson is: I now know which lipstick colours look good on me, and which don't.

I'd been reaching randomly into my lipstick drawer and using whichever tube I pull out. But I can now tell just by looking whether or not a colour is going to look good on me.

Looks good on me:

- Bright orange/pinky colours
- True reds
- Most pinks

Doesn't look good on me:

- Bronze
- Coral
- Brown (why does brown lipstick exist? Who does this look good on?)
- Purple

By trying out all these different colours has also served to remind me of how many lipsticks/glosses/stains/balms I currently own, which will help me not buy more when I'm out and about.

I want to try something new for June, though. I've already done 29 Days of Tights and 31 Days of Lipstick; what else should I try and familiarize myself with for a month?

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