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Jour 144: Avocado Recipe Day!!

Avocados = om nom nom.

So, Pinterest is seriously increasing my repertoire of recipe ideas. I've always liked cooking, but somehow seeing these amazing combos of ingredients that I already love has expanded my repertoire so much! Namely, with things to do with my favourite vegetable (fruit?), the humble avocado!

My Food Pinboard includes these a-mah-zing avocado recipes:

Avocado + chickpeas + garlic =
Avocado hummus!

Avocado + spinach + bread + George Foreman Grill =
Avocado spinach panini!

Avocado + egg + naan bread =
Avocado breakfast pizza!

Avocado + pasta + lime =
Avocado pasta salad!

Avocado + pasta + parmesan cheese =
Creamy avocado pasta!
Are you guys avocado fans? Or is it just me? And is it a fruit or a vegetable (I can't figure it out?)

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