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Jour 143: Introducing... accountability 2.0!

Hey, so you remember how I set up that bar graph over on the left-hand side of the blog?

<-- over there?

And how it had these sad numbers like, I had paid off 0.85% of my debt, but I should be at like, 12% paid by now? It was sad, you guys. It was getting me down. And then... epiphany! I had been doing the math as though I'd been responsibly paying down my debt regularly since January, which is TOTALLY NOT TRUE. I mean, I've been doing my best attempt at frugal living but things like cat surgery got in the way there for awhile.

Budget 0 ; Kitteh +10000!

So, I've readjusted the numbers and it makes me look much more successful. See, I'm trying to pay down my debt in 3 years (like Gail Vaz-Oxlade generally advises). Rather than having a January 1 2012 start and a January 1 2015 finish, I've adjusted it to be a May 1 2012 start and a May 1 2015 finish.

Basically, from this moment on, I shall be a debt-paying-down machine! Seriously! And step one is that I pro-actively called me cell phone provider today to clarify what sorts of fees I'll have to pay in 31 days when I switch phone carriers. The friendly (too friendly?) person on the phone let me know that as long as I wait until my contract expires (in 31 days), I won't have to pay any contract cancellation fees! Saving $100!


Oh, you guys, I can't wait to have a cell phone. I mean, not that I use mine anymore (since it died 67 days ago), but I imagine all the fun times ahead of me. I'll join Instagram! I'll be able to take pictures of things! I can download library books! I can learn what this Angry Birds thing is all about! I'll find some sort of frugality enhancing app! Somehow, this will help me get in shape! HAVING A PHONE WILL ENHANCE EVERY ASPECT OF MY LIFE. Maybe.

But for the time being, I'm totes happy looking at that chart over there, and seeing that I'm just about where I should be vis-a-vis debt repayment.


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