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Jour 142: Personal Finance Haiku Day

So I'm taking part
in the Wordcount Blogathon
blogging every day

for the month of May
No big deal for me, you say
since I blog daily

and have for a year
(and a half) But au contraire!
It is just as hard

I'm tempted so much
to take a day off from here
but I persevere!

Luckily, today
is Haiku Day for us
Blogathon bloggers

These sorts of theme days
help to create new content
to help blog today.

And so, I present
Personal Finance Haiku
to entertain you.

Queen Gail Vax-Oxlade
Patron saint of PF blogs
Won't you comment here?

Personal finance
So much more than budgeting
But that's part of it.

Popular blog posts
Not the ones about credit

Duchess Catherine
Wears dresses more than one time

Biked to work today
Arrived sweaty - luckily
change of shoes at work

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