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Jour 141: Oh hai there link love

Oh, hey there. Just chillaxin' in this bathtub full of flowers.

Did you guys catch my interview with Bill from Credit Card Assist? He made me sound v. smart and glamorous.

Mochi & Macarons (who, every time I see her avatar, makes me want to eat a macaron) posted about "me too" spending, when your friend is buying something and suddenly you find you are, too.

The Prarie Eco-Thrifter has this good reminder that the most green thing to do is not to buy unnecessary things!

My Thirty Spot wrote this post with the greatest title ever, "summer slimming secrets to whittle your middle."

Fabulously Broke in the City writes the best how-to posts about simplifying your life, and this one about purging your wardrobe is super-helpful at this time of year!

And once you've purged your old clothes, Blue Collar Red Lipstick has tips on selling things at consignment stores.

Gail Vaz-Oxlade is not only a genius at finances, but she also posted this delish recipe for sweet-potato stuffed cannelloni. Is there anything she isn't great at?

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