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Jour 138: Things I want to buy now

Oh, my teen years. I looked basically just like this.
But not with the little racist doll thingie.

I've been reading through my old journals as part of the research for this trilogy of young adult novels I'm writing. Firstly, it turns out that I was quite hilarious in my jaded, faux-cynical teenage angst-filled years. It's like this weird blend of stuff I'd totally write today mixed in with sudden ALL CAPS WRITING about COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE YOUNG MEN.

Anyway, something that I used to do all the time was write out lists of the stuff I'd like to buy when I have money. Not like, "One day I shall purchase a mansion!" but more like, "I'd like to buy that new lipstick I read about on the newsnet newsgroups, when I get my allowance next week." Basically, due to lack of money, I obsessed about the things I'd like to buy/own until I finally sold enough CDs or whatever to have money to buy them.

I'd like to re-institute this policy. Now that I have money (and fake money, i.e. credit cards and overdraft), I've lost that sort of willpower. Which I guess wasn't really willpower, it was just me not having any money. But now I'm a grown-up, etc., and so I shall make lists of Stuff I'd Like To Buy and think about them before I get hungry/bored one day and buy random things.

5 Things I'd Like To Buy Today

1. A pair of Sanuk shoes.

These shoes that are not shoes, but sandals! I think this means they have sandal bottoms but covered-up tops. They are both cute AND apparently make your feet not smelly. And for someone who will be biking to work every day for 45 minutes in the summer? Non-stinky, comfy shoes may come in handy. Cost: $60

2. A red flashing light for the back of my bike.

I used to have one, until someone TOTALLY STOLE IT OFF MY BIKE LAST YEAR. This is kind of non-negotiable, if I'll be biking home at nighttime and want to be visible. Estimated cost $20? Maybe?

3. Marcelle BB cream

Have you heard of BB cream? It's allegedly this miracle product that combines moisturizer with foundation with the Fountain of Youth.  Mainly I want this because every time I go in a store to ogle it, they're totally sold out! Which means it must be great, right? $22.95

4. Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm

This is the COOLEST THING EVER! There's a core of pigmented lipstick surrounded by tinted balm (there are some good pics here) This is supposed to duplicate the effect of having been sucking on a popsicle, which Cosmo says is the look every woman wants in the summertime. Estimated cost $25. Cost for an actual popsicle $1.50

5. Mortar and pestle

I think this will help with my new oatmeal/chia seed smoothie regime, since I can't seem to grind the oats and chia seeds as much as they're supposed to be, with my blender. I think that mashing them with a mortar and pestle will be supremely satisfying and fun. Plus, it will  make my kitchen look like it's owned by someone who's an amazing chef. Estimated cost $20.

Total expenses if I bought everything I want: $123.45

Votes? What do you think I should buy or not? To me, I want each of these items basically equally as much as each other.

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