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Jour 137: My new healthy lifestyle


So, I'm on a kind of vague crusade to become a healthier person. This has been spurred on by two factors:

1) I'm still in the midst of reading Drop Dead Healthy, which just makes me think more about health and

2) I accidentally stepped on a scale a few weeks ago and found out that I weigh about 20 pounds more than I thought I did. [Note: That explains a few things, such as why some of my dresses feel so tight in my arms (apparently these 20 lbs all wound up in my upper arms)]

I could try and do this arm exercise... or I could just carry piles of books around at work.

Anyway, I've always sort of vaguely thought that I should a) exercise and b) eat food groups other than carbs and cheese, but now I've got a sort-of plan. It goes like this:

1) Bike to work whenever possible! It's 45 minutes each way, so that's good cardio, I think. And also it fits into my normal day's routine, instead of trying to shove some pointless exercise into another part of my day when I'd rather be doing something else. Plus, I get to wear my awesome skull helmet:

2) Eat fruits and vegetables whenever possible. As for this second part, I have found a few excellent sources of fruits and veg [Note: it is a minor miracle that I have not come down with scurvy yet in my life]. Namely: smoothies!

Seriously. These make-ahead oatmeal smoothies are LIFE CHANGING.

It's perfect. Through Pinterest, I found this great recipe for oatmeal smoothies using almost entirely ingredients that I already have (oatmeal, chia seeds, strawberries, bananas, yogurt, rice milk) and it's completely delicious! Eating breakfast is apparently very important (esp. when you are biking 45 minutes to work) and this is a quick way to eat vitamins while also at work.

To this end, with some of my birthday present money, I purchased a hand-held blender that makes the whole smoothie-making process 10000% easier (since it's so much easier to clean the thing).

Are you guys healthy? Does spring and the thought of tanktops make you realize you need to perhaps work off some of the layers of blubber you developed over the sweatery winter?

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