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Jour 136: 31 Days of Lipstick, halfway point catch-up

Lipstick luuurve!!

Presenting a recap, thus far, of my 31 Days of Lipstick project:

Day 1: Tarte cosmetics LipSurgence in Charmed. A mod 1960s-style glossy pink, nice texture, very moisturizing. Very Megan Draper-ish.

Day 2: MAC Ruby Woo. The same classic red they use on Joan from Mad Men! You can wear it full-strength for a retro look, or just dab it on for a hint of red.

Day 3: Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Peach Parfait. Odd nudey-beige-sparkley colour, not really flattering on me. Threw this one out.

Day 4: Cover Girl Lip Perfection in Enchantress. GORGEOUS bright orangey/pink. Moisturizing too!

Day 5: Lime Crime Countessa Fluorescent. Matte neon pink - works sheer with lip gloss, too! Make sure your lips are sufficiently moisturized before attemping this, or any matte lipstick - very unforgiving for little flaky lip bits.

Day 6: The Balm "Letter to the Editor." Bronzey sparkley sheer - packaging is *so* cute, but this colour does nothing for me. Do I keep it b/c the packaging is cute, or toss b/c it doesn't work for me? Hmm...

Day 7: MAC Viva Glam Gaga. Creamy pale pink w/ cool autographed case! Very mod, like a more matte version of Day 1's "Charmed."

Day 8: MAC Lady Danger. Bright orangey red - perfect for summer!

Day 9: MAC Suntint in Full of Grace. Smells & tastes delish + SPF 20 = full of win!

Day 10: Joe Fresh fuschia lipstick (no name listed on package). Super creamy, very cute.

Day 11: MAC Faux. Another matte pale pink - similar to Day 1 and Day 7, maybe a bit warmer. Didn't realize I had so many mod pale pink lipsticks... hmm..

[You may notice I've been wearing a lot of MAC lipsticks thus far. I don't actually have 31 MAC lipsticks, I'm just using up my favourite ones first. The rest of the month will be a crazy mishmash of like, Wet 'n' Wild and other drugstore glamour, I suspect]

Day 12: NYC 8 Hour Lipgloss in Cherry Ever After. Nice bright red, but it only lasted about 1 hour. False advertising? Also: must remember to apply gloss *after* 45 minute bike ride to work as my hair, and also stray mosquitos, stick to my lips when I wear gloss.

Day 13: MAC lipglass [haha, I found another MAC product hiding!] in Fashion Pack. This was part of their limited edition Barbie line from a few years ago. Peach/pink sparkley cuteness!

Day 14: Sheer pink lipgloss from Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush line. No name on the package, but it's a nice sheer pink, not too sticky, and tastes super-yum.

Day 15: Smashbox O-Gloss "intuitive lip color". Allegedly, it goes on like a sheer gloss but blossoms to a flattering tone to your skintone. Whatevs, it feels nice and smooth and gives me a nice kiss of colour.

Day 16 (today!) TBD: I will go and randomly reach into my lipstick drawer [what, don't you have a lipstick drawer?] and apply whatever I grab first.

If you can't get enough, you can follow my continuing lipstick adventures at @annhepburn (you don't actually have to join Twitter to follow that link and follow along), although I'll have another review at the end of the month.

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