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Jour 135: I got pay-it-forward-ed!

"Hello? AMAZING STORY calling!"

So, I was biking home from work just now and, about 1/8 of the way home (i.e. 10 minutes into my 45 minute commute) the chain came off of the thingie. And a few things occurred to me:

1) I should probably learn how to fix my bike
2) This is the sort of situation where it would have been nice to have a working cellphone
3) This sucks, especially since I have the sort of brakes where you pedal backwards to slow down or stop.

So anyway, I coasted along, going down hills at full, uncontrollable speed, and then coming to a stop whenever the land got flat and/or uphillish.

Unfortch, I live in Saskatchewan where it's mostly flat.
So there wasn't a lot of up and/or downhill momentum.

But THEN!!! (!!) I passed by a kindly stranger, walking his dogs along the path. And he asked why I was going so slow, and I said the chain had come off, and he was like, "I'll fix that for you." AND THEN HE TOTALLY DID!

I didn't expect him to at all. I had come up with a plan to go by the bike repair store tomorrow to have them fix it show me what to do, but then suddenly I was able to bike home again!

It was a bike miracle!!

Oh, and also the guy taught me to fix it, so it was also a FRUGAL MIRACLE because now I don't have to go to the bike store the next time this happens!

A real life pay it forward situation. So, I am now full of pay-it-forwardness, ready to help out some stranger somewhere... likely with some sort of fashion emergency. Will it be you? Only time will tell...

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