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Jour 133: 5 Frugal craft ideas for Mother's Day

Mother/daughter matching hairdos and outfits are ONLY ACCEPTABLE on Mother's Day.
And ONLY in illustrations.

So, my mother is a pretty frugal lady. I don't tend to buy her anything for Mother's Day, other than a card (I wrote a post about this last year), and she's totally fine with that. However, if your mother is the sort of person who likes getting gifts, or if you need to slowly wean her off of getting Mother's Day gifts, here are some ideas:

1) Homemade beauty supplies, like homemade conditioner, homemade lipbalm or homemade moisturizer.

2) The gift of an experience! Take your Mums out for brunch, to the theatre, or make a home-cooked meal for her. Or pay for her to go to a yoga class or for a spa treatment.

3) Or, if you're getting her a card, why not make a thrifty home made card?

4) Personalize a deck of cards with 52 things you love about your Mom!

5) A hand-stencilled throw pillow with a quote from her favourite author, or song lyric

If you do give her a giftie, why not top it off with an adorbs homemade gift bow from a magazine page?

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