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Jour 130: Biking FTW!!

It's warm out and I finally got my bike out of retirement and biked to work!! [Note: yes, I did take it out of retirement a few weeks ago, but it wasn't quite bike-worthy weather yet. But now it is!!]

Of course Frugal Icon Marilyn Monroe rode a bike. Why isn't she better known for her frugal ways?

Biking is the greatest because:

a) my bike is beyond super cute
b) I don't have to wait for the bus all the time
c) I don't have to feel bad asking other people to drive me around
d) it's so fun! With the wind in your hair, etc.
e) it's 45 minutes of cardio everyday that I bike to work! [*Note: really 90 minutes, as it's 45 minutes either way]
f) SO FUN!!!
g) kinda French, somehow, isn't it?

Are you biking yet?? Check out my tips on how to look fashionable whilst biking, which are def. useful, but not when it's hot and sunny out and you're biking 45 mins. I had to pull a Stephanie Kaye and bike to work in gym clothes, then change into work adorableness once I got there.

1 comment:

NGS said...

Wind in your hair? You mean wind in your helmet, right? Bike riding is the bestest!

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