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Jour 129: Famous people who don't (know how to) drive

Look out, lady driver!

So, I don't drive. Not just that I choose not to, but I am, in fact, unlicensed and quite a spectacularly bad driver. I suspect it's partly to do with having grown up without a car and, thus, no instinctive understanding of the rules of the road.

I would also like to note that I am a champion at parallel parking. It's just, you know, turning left and right and knowing when it's my right of way that I'm not so good at.

Anyway, I'm in good company! Check it:

Ray Bradbury (author) has lived in Los Angeles for 64 years without a driver's license. Currently 91, he's my non-driving, published-author hero now. (source 

Elvis Costello (musician) didn't learn to drive until he was 32.  (source)

Albert Einstein (genius) never learned to drive, preferring to ride around on a bike or use mass transit. AND HE'S A GENIUS, so... (source)
Tina Fey (comedienne) had a license, but it expired and she let it go because she didn't want to go to driver's school again. (source)

Dan Savage (sex columnist) says, "Why don't I have a driver's license? Because I never learned to drive. And my husband has one... so, why do I need one?" (source)
David Sedaris (essayist, bon vivant) says, "I never learned to drive a car. And so I never really developed aggression skills." (source)

So, no reason to feel ashamed if you (like me) choose not to drive! These people are all SO COOL and not driving is (wait for it) FRUGAL!

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