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Jour 128: How loyalty can save you money

One time I got to sit under a hairdryer hood like this!
It was exactly as cool as I had thought it would be.

When I was a kid, I didn't have a regular hairdresser. Neither did anyone in my family, we'd just show up at Top Cuts or whatever and get our hair cut by whoever was there. I wandered around, hair-wise, through my teen years - enjoying some fancy salons (where they offer you cappuccinos!) and a variety of fabulous men and women.

Eventually, I found my hairdresser. I think this is like how, on Say Yes to the Dress, Monte is always like, "When it's your dress, you'll just know." That is how it was when I found my hairdresser. We had fun growing out, then cutting off my hair; dying it red, bright red, blonde, and brownish. When she switched salons, I followed her.

When I moved across the country, I found a hairdresser before I found a doctor (OK, that was partly because doctors weren't accepting new patients but you can always find a hairdresser). Anyway, I settled into another great rapport with my new hairdresser.

I have had a lot of stuff done to my hair in the past... but never this.
And why is she on the phone? So many questions.

I've also developed a good relationship with my massage therapist. It's great to have that routine where you can book ahead 6 weeks, they save the spot for you... and you get discounts! Lots of places have a small discount, like 10%, for booking your next appointment ahead of time. And, I was reminded today, that when you have a good relationship as a regular client, when you have to cancel at the last minute - you don't get charged the cancellation fee.

Also, a good hairdresser and a good massage therapist are worth their weight in gold. It's not just that I get along with these two ladies in a personality manner, but also my hairdresser gets my hair (no puffy triangle head shenanigans) and my massage therapist has the magic touch with my frequently clustered knot that always seems to show up in my right shoulderblade.

My Frugal Companion is great for lots of stuff, but he doesn't have sufficient training to massage my knotty back for a full hour. How do massage therapists' hands keep from hurting?

Loyalty saves you money in lots of other ways, too, like at coffeeshops or other places you go. This is why you pay so little for a cell phone plan when you get a 3-year contract; by becoming a loyal customer, you get some perks.

Like awesome hair, no cancellation fee, and a relaxed back. What more can you ask for?

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