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Jour 127: Insurgent Link Luuurve

So, the YA community is freaking out this week because Insurgent, the sequel to Divergent, just got published. Vikki from Pipedreaming wrote this great article both discussing the series, and why it's taken off like it did (winning Book of the Year from Goodreads, among other honours). Like, they were selling copies of this today in the grocery store. I liked, but did not luuurve the first book, and am interested to see how the second book goes.

In these books, society is divided into 5 factions, and so here are the links, divided by faction:


Amity (The Peaceful): Nancy from The Reluctant Retiree ponders why so many retirees get so dressed up for grocery shopping.

Abnegation (The Selfless): Andrea from So Over Debt is cooking real food! With ingredients and everything! AND Fabulously Broke in the City is also thinking about cooking, namely, 7 simple ways to remove the barriers to cooking.

Dauntless (The Brave): Making Sense of Cents discusses life's little splurges - fun things she doesn't stress about spending money on.

Erudite (The Intelligent): Erin from My Thirty Spot has some great tips for surviving brunch season when you're on a diet.

Candor (The Honest): Fabulously Fru-Girl wrote this thoughtful piece about her feelings about marriage - I agree with lots of what she said, marriage isn't the be-all, end-all for everyone.

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