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Jour 125: The frugality of ombre hair

Are you guys familiar with ombre hair? (pronounced OHM-BRAY HAIR) It's where your hair is darker on the top, and then gets lighter at the bottom.

90210's Shenae Grimes rocks the ombre trend.

I recently realized (after going ombre myself) that, if you're going to colour your light hair darker, it's really quite a frugal thing to do. Because the ends are supposed to be lighter, so all I need to do is get the roots touched up and the ends can keep fading.

I realize, however, that having light hair and dying it darker is not the usual run of things. If you have dark hair and you dye it light, it's the same though, kinda? You can just keep redoing the roots, but not necessarily the rest of your hair.

Whitney Port's ombre looks half cute, and half like someone who hasn't gone to the salon for a touch-up in awhile. Which I guess is also frugal?

Blah blah blah. I know that *not* dying your hair is the most frugal thing, but my red hair has been fading  from the brighter colour it was in my youth (I think... I've been dying my hair so long I'm not sure when it started fading) and dammit, I like bright red hair.

[Note: this is not me, but my hair is similarly bright red at the top, and blondey red at the bottom]

As with the TV thing, though, I can afford to do this *and* pay my bills *and* pay down my debt so it's OK. If my finances tanked out, I suppose I could deal with not colouring my hair. Having a pro hair cut/colour is one of the indulgences that I'm willing to spend a little more on, at least for the time being.

But, for the time being, ombre seems to be the way to go. My hair is long, but I don't have to pay for enough dye for the full length, it looks shiny and red and I'm happy.


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