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Jour 124: 5 Reasons I'm Keeping My Cable

[Note: this post is inspired by a recent Twittversation between myself, @serendipity85, @budgetorfudget and @geekymath]

Because who doesn't put on an evening gown while watching Dancing With The Stars?

So, a super-frequent suggestion on personal finance blogs is to stop getting cable and rather, to rely on Netflix and/or Hulu and/or other streaming sources for your television viewing. Speaking as someone who went without cable for like 3 years, I feel like I've experienced both sides of this and have come out overwhelmingly in favour of keeping cable. 

This is totally only my own opinion, and I totally get why people would choose to go without, but for me, the cost of cable is totally worth it.

Top 5 Reasons I'm Keeping My Cable

1) I get to watch TV the same time as it's on. This is so fun, especially with live shows like The Voice and even with other shows like Downton Abbey or Pretty Little Liars or Revenge. When you have to wait until the next day (to watch it streaming or from iTunes) or next year (to get the discs or watch it on Netflix), then you have to live your life in this hermaphroditic bubble to prevent any spoilers from seeping through your ears. So often I see people on Twitter being like, "Don't spoil this show! I don't get to watch it until tomorrow/next week/year!" And to those people I say, "Then don't go on Twitter while the show is airing." Spoilers are inevitable. If you aren't going to watch live TV, protect yourself accordingly. The entire Twitterverse can't go silent on your behalf.

I'm pretty sure Emily Thorne from Revenge doesn't have cable,  but that's understandable because she's too busy with the learning ninja moves and destroying lives and whatnot.
Once she's finished wreacking her revenge, I'm sure she'll get cable, though.

2) Background TV. When you stream shows or download them or whatever, it's like a time commitment. You don't go through that for shows that you don't really care about and that's like, 99% of what's great about cable. You can turn the TV on to some random thing that's in the background while you cook, or blog (holla!), or do your taxes, or whatevs. I'd never download or purchase an entire season of, for instance, Say Yes to the Dress, but it's the perfect background TV. [Other good background TV includes: reruns of Law and Order, any programming from the cooking channel, or true crime shows. Or any of the Real Housewives franchise]

I am in such love/hate with this show. I never mean to watch it, but it's always on, and I always wind up screaming at the idiot brides, "Don't listen to your pageant mother, buy the dress you like, OH MY GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! Monte, MAKE IT STOP!"

3) Having TV keeps you home to watch your shows, which saves you money, because you aren't going out and... you know, buying stuff. Or whatever non-cable-owning people do with their free time.

4) My TV is too old to stream video on. Also, I don't have a Blu-Ray or XBox or whatever else you can use to stream Netflix stuff, so if I want to stream anything, it's on the laptop. And that means I can't use my laptop for other things (i.e. blogging [holla!], checking email, writing a novel, etc., etc.). So cable TV allows me to multi-task!

I could  make like Carrie Bradshaw, and blog while staring out the window, but my apartment window looks out at the dumpster/smoking area of my building, which leads to less inspiration than a good rerun of Top Chef: Las Vegas.

5) Lots of streaming stuff isn't available in Canada. Netflix is, so I hear, better than it was last year when I gave it a free trial, but there's still way less available in Canada than in the US. And Hulu isn't available in Canada, and American TV shows aren't all available to stream from websites so... if there's a specific show you want to watch, it's way trickier to watch in Canada. And if you do watch it on a network website there are those awful ads you can't FF where the volume gets so loud and that's annoying.

So there. I know I'm not convincing anybody to suddenly order cable, but it seemed like the Pro-Cable argument wasn't being represented very much in the blogosphere.

Are you, like me, a dinosaur clinging to cable? Or do you download stuff on your fancy gadgets? Or are you just tragically missing out on the adventures of Monte and Lori and the whole gang on Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta?? 

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