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Jour 122: Presenting... 31 Days of Lipstick!

Remember the 29 Days of Tights? Where I wore a different pair of tights every day (more or less) in order to remind myself of what tights I own, and to help weed out the ones that don't fit and/or had holes?

Firstly, guest blogger Katy P unearthed this great article about decluttering which also advocates the whole "if you don't wear it in a year, get rid of it" philosophy. I have a lot of lipsticks (at least 31... I think) and yet I only alternate between like 4-5 of them at all, ever. And this was born...

31 Days of Lipstick!!

I've been double-fisting lipsticks for the last few weeks in preparation.
Not really. Or... really?

This will be fun, I think! And also sparkley. I have a lot of sparkley lip things that I don't tend to wear but that look cute. And I also have a lot of lip products purchased because of their adorable packaging. Is that a good reason to keep something? Perhaps decoratively.

Anyway, follow me on Twitter @annhepburn for the daily lipstick posts. Here's a sneak peek: today's lipstick was Tarte Lipsurgence natural lip tint in "Charmed." It's super-moisturizing and fun to apply, like a giant crayon. Also, the light pink colour is very Megan Draper-esque. Unfortch, it highlighted the dry chapped parts of my lips, so I'll need to do some exfoliation if I'm going to get through this month without looking like a leper.

Do you own 31 lipsticks? What's stopping you?

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