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Jour 106: I Luuurve Income Taxes Link Luuuurve

Note: None of these articles are about income tax. I'm just preoccupied about them at the moment.

Oh, les taxes. Je t'aime, je t'aime.

You guys, I really like filling out my taxes. Ever since my sister (who is like a genius with tax stuff) walked me through how to do it, I enjoy doing it every year. Also, it's super straightforward for me, since I have no dependents (Hepburn The Cat doesn't count, apparently), I have no RRSPs (I know, I should, but I don't have any money to put into them, you guys), my medical stuff and/or charitable donations never add up to anything that gets me money back so... basically, I just enter the stuff from my T4 and am done.

Anyway! I went to do my taxes tonight and I can't find the paperwork anywhere! I live in a tiny apartment, so it's insane that I can't find this package. I was walking around, trying to think like me-of-the-past, wondering where I would put something that I didn't want to lose. Whatever, it's gone. I'll go get a new thing from the post office tomorrow, I suppose.

And now that I'm through with that oh so interesting glimpse into my tax practices, here's the link luuuurve!!

Les Linkes

You may think gas prices are expensive, but the CBC worked out the cost breakdown if cars ran on nail polish or other liquids.

The Hairpin has this great new series where they give modern ladies makeovers like movie stars. Their latest installment is The Audrey Hepburn Makeover - which is so well done! If you live in LA, totally hit them up and apply for the next round! SERIOUSLY, DO IT! I'm so jealous she's in LA doing this, rather than, oh say, Saskatoon.

My Thirty Spot shares the exciting news that age 33 is, on average, the happiest age. If you're older than 33, don't worry, I'm sure your happiest year will be on the higher end of the average. But if you're under 33, that's great news to look forward to!!

Gotta love Broke TO's $0.75 iPod speaker!

Gail Vaz-Oxlade wrote this great post about the value of cooking at home. It's not all mac-and-cheese, you guys! I, for one, love cooking at home when I have the chance (but I bet Gail's cooking is way better than mine).

And Then She Saved wrote this super-helpful and fun list of 8 things worth the splurge and 17 items not worth the extra money.

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