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Jour 99: Easter Link Luuurve!

You guys, watch this video:

That's Kimbra, the featured vocalist from Gotye's super catchy song Somebody I Used To Know (which is totally my jam right now). And I adore her: her style, her voice, her dance moves, her dress, and her kicky black bob haircut. I LOVE THIS WOMAN. She's from New Zealand, which makes her a thousand times cooler, too.

Here are some other cool cats writing clever shizz for you to enjoy this long weekend:

Speaking of amazing things from New Zealand (seriously, first Flight of the Conchords, and now Kimbra? Is the entire country entirely populated with AWESOME?) - The Reluctant Retiree is back from a trip to NZ, where she reports that they give all of their oldsters SPECIAL GOLD CARDS to use for discounts!

The ladies of Fashionable People Questionable Things offer this well-thought-out post about Lady Sybil from Downton Abbey, and her status as a style star!

Kitten-A-Go-Go posts about going gluten-free. Did you know you can still eat Cool Ranch Doritos and Snickers bars? Good to know!

Plan A continues her oh-so-difficile life as a circus wife, now having adventures around Athens! (and check out her new risque blog header - it's totes SFW since it's art, you guys! Art is not the same as gratuitous male genitalia!)

Cait from Blonde on a Budget has had it with "no goals" - i.e., goals where you try and use your will power to keep yourself from doing something, which you invariably end up doing, and then you feel bad. This is such a great post, I totes need to rephrase my goals so they don't feel like I'm giving up something, but rathe am gaining something!

Aaaaand Jenny from You Were Going To Be Fantastic (who I interviewed awhile ago) is back from hiatus with more adventures in her online choose-your-own-adventure story! You get to vote for what happens - total fun.

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