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Jour 97: Pet insurance: good idea, or total scam?

Eartha Kitt, the original Catwoman, shows how to be a super ferosh cat owner.

Do any of you guys have pet insurance? I was talking about this with my sister, related to my recent cat-surgery issue, and I don't know what to think about it.

On the one hand, it costs like $20/month for cat insurance BUT an annual vet appointment costs about $100 SO the insurance is more expensive, assuming nothing unexpected will ever happen to your cat.

Young Marlon Brando looking all kinds of adobs with his kitteh!
AND, like with human insurance, it costs more and/or is not available for pets with pre-existing conditions. So it's not like you can just wait until your pet (or you) is sick, and then buy insurance then because they won't let you.

Like early funeral planning, it's something to think about when your pet is so totally OK that it's crazy to even consider pet insurance.

Cobina Wright workin' it with her little dog in a killer swimsuit.

I have, however, seen how it can come in handy. My ex-roommate's dogs ate a bottle of iron supplements one time, and then wound up vomiting blood and needing an overnight stay at the dog ER and then medication and stomach pumping for two. It was like, $1000. This is where pet insurance would have totally come in handy, right?

But I don't know. It took me ages and ages to finally bite the bullet and get tenant insurance (when my friends' house was broken into twice, even though I don't own anything of real value, I finally had to admit that it seemed like a good idea).

(PS - for more adorbs pictures of celebs + pets, hit up

So, I will leave it to you guys: 
Pet insurance? Yes/no? Just for crazy cat lady librarians? For everybody?

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