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Jour 96: Vincent Kartheiser, Man Frugal Icon

“I took the bus and the train and I found that it enriched my life. I like that my life slows down when I go places. I have all these interactions with the human race and I can watch people living their life and not just in their car.” - Vincent Kartheiser

Vincent Kartheiser: Man Frugal Icon

You may not recognize the name Vincent Kartheiser, and you pay not recognize him when he looks like this:

But many of you might recognize him when he looks like this:

Yes! It's awful Pete from Mad Men! (Who is less awful now than he was in Season One, when he was all [SPOILER]ing Peggy and [SPOILER]ing Don Draper. [SPOILER]ing Annie from Community mellowed him out somewhat for the later seasons).

You may also recognize Vincent from the TV show Angel, where he played Angel's long-lost time-travelling demon son... or something?

He is so much Pete from Mad Men to me that this image of him from Angel makes me giggle.
Pete Campbell, with shaggy hair, in a henley, looking all "OMG my Dad is totes a vampire!"

Vincent Kartheiser's Frugal Ways

- He thinks about his financial situation long-term: "Mad Men is going to be over at some point and my career will slow down, and I have to be prepared. So I have to be a little bit financially conservative when it comes to certain things. I live in a very, very small house. I try to keep it pretty simple." (source)

- He avoids driving, preferring to use public transportation. He stopped driving when his car flooded and he found that taking the train "enriched my life. It made my life better to slow down a little bit and walk through the city." (source) (*Bonus points that his character on Mad Men doesn't have a driver's license and commutes to work on the train)

“It’s wonderful. Instead of driving and being stressed out about traffic, you can work your scene, you can do your exercises or whatever on the bus. Everyone’s got their own deal.” (source)

- He doesn't own a car or a toilet (OK, the car thing is true and the toilet thing is just that he went for awhile not using a toilet, using his neighbour's facilities, while he was renovating his house.) (source)

- He lives a super-minimalist lifestyle in a one-room house with no furniture. "After realizing that he really didn't need all of the stuff that accompanies celebrity life, Kartheiser began gutting his house, taking all of his possessions to second-hand stores and giving them to charity." (source)

"It was in response to going to these Golden Globe type events and they just give you stuff. One day, I looked around and thought 'I don't want this stuff, I didn't ask for it'.
So I started giving it to friends or charity stores, or if it is still in its box I might sell it for a hundred bucks. I liked it so I didn't stop." (source)
Welcome Vincent, to the Shopping Detox Frugal Icons Hall of Fame!
I bet he'll have fun hanging out with the other super-hot honorees...

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