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Jour 94: Developing my personal style

Bonjour, bonjour. I am here to explain the philosophies of my faux-Frenchy style.
This is Catherine Deneuve, OBVIOUSLY.

So, part of being involved with the BlogHer network is that sometimes I'm invited to join their Life Well Lived discussions. And this week's speaks to everything that I'm about, and I'm so happy I get to write on the following theme:

Well, I'm glad you asked! One of my favourite quotes is from Dolly Parton, who said "Find out who you are and do it on purpose." Truer words were never spoken.

It took me awhile, but I finally figured out that I'm an:

Audrey Hepburn/1960s aesthetic loving...
... girlie/ladylike/retro...

... boho/hippie/grad student/thrift store layered look...
Hipster Librarian!
(it helps that my job is also my personality, exactly)
(Check my Pinterest style page for more obsessive pictures of my style influences)

How did I come to this point? Much trial and error. Tube tops, which I appreciate aesthetically, are just not comfortable on me. Or short-shorts (unless wearing tights on the inside). Or high-maintenance hair. Or tight-fitting anything (other than tights). Or jewellery of any sort.

I admire Aria's style on Pretty Little Liars, but I'm way too fidgety to actually ever wear jewellery.
Also, I'm too squeamish to pluck an entire owl to wear on my ear.

Knowing your style is frugal (see, you knew I'd tie it into the theme of the blog) because, knowing your look cuts down on the possible things for you to buy when you go into a store. I can immediately bypass anything strapless, belly-revealing, and entire jewellery sections. I know to focus in on the dresses with vintage 60s shapes, the scarves, the hipster old timey secretary dresses, and the flat shoes. (I luuurve heels, but my pedestrian lifestyle just don't work well with them).

Flat boots are just as cute as high heeled boots, for the record.
And way more practical for traversing the moors, or whatever this stylish lady is up to.

I'm a big advocate of finding a look and sticking with it - but not getting into a rut. I mean, style should change and adapt. I won't be wearing the exact same 60s mod style dresses 10 years from now... but I will always & forever like the early 60s style more than anything, and its influence will be part of my style for all time. That, and also boho-messy hair, cat-eye eyeliner, and wacktastic nail polish colours.

What's your personal style? Do you have one? you want me to pick one for you?

(PS - BlogHer Life Well Lived is having a sweepstakes that y'alls should enter. It starts on April 6th)

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