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Jour 92: Game of Thrones Link Luuuurve

It's April Fool's Day, or, in my household Game of Thrones is back day!

Daenarys Targeryen is back, y'all!

Some links while we wait for the return of Daenarys, Arya, and all of the other super-ferosh ladies with their wacktastic faux-Medieval hair and fashion looks:

The Frugalista shared the incredible story of a 14-year-old homeowner. (Game of Thrones connection: Arya Stark is another tween whose skills cannot be denied.)

The Beauty Department gives this basic but essential post about how to properly insert bobby pins. (Game of Thrones connection: all of the ladies rock intricate hairstyles and clearly know how to use bobby pins, particularly Daenarys)

Prairie Eco-Thrifter wrote a great piece about how to have a small budget wedding. (Game of Thrones connection: when Daenarys married Khal Drogo, the wedding was fairly low-budget, apart from all of the leather outfits everybody was wearing)

And Then She Saved tells us her #1 tip for having style on the cheap. (Game of Thrones connection: nobody has any money anymore, really, what with the wars but Cercei, Sansa, Arya and Daenarys bring super ferocity to everything they wear)

And both Live Real, Now and Debt Free By 30 wrote up pieces about the financial lessons of Game of Thrones. (Game of Thrones connection: EVERYTHING)

Have you donated to the Help Pay For My Cat's Surgery Fund yet? (A bunch of you have, and I appreciate it so much!) (Game of Thrones connection: the Stark kids all have wolves as pets. I have a cat who is similarly fierce and also representative of my personality)

Will you be tuning in to the season 2 premiere tonight?

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