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Jour 121: Things I'm actually doing to save money

Ginger Rogers dancing with some guy in a suit from Swing Time (1936)
epitomize the cheery attitude I embody when writing these blog posts.

You may have noticed that I make a point to keep this blog upbeat and optimistic and not dwell on depressing stuff (and when it comes to money, it's very easy to get depressed very quickly).

So, rather than talk about how and why my little graph over there reflects that my debt repayment went down a bit (interest payments) I will rather wrack my mind to find things I've successfully been doing to help be more frugal! I looked at this post from last year for inspiration, and I'm still doing most of the things I listed there.

[Also, maybe, the whole frugal thing is so well ingrained into my lifestyle that I need to take a step back to notice the frugal stuff I'm actually doing.]

1) No car! I walk, bike, and take the bus everywhere. This isn't like, a frugal sacrifice or anything seeing as I don't have a driver's license. But I could have gotten one, and then I'd have to buy a car and pay for insurance and parking and I'd be like the angry people in my building who are always freaking out about whose spot belongs to who.

If Rachel Bilson keeps getting photographed looking adorbs on a bike, she may just find herself on the Frugal Icons Hall of Fame!

2) I have a cat, not a dog. Despite her recent dental indicent, cat food is way less expensive than dog food. Also, when I go out of town for a day or two, I can leave her alone with some food and water - whereas dogs need to be walked and can't be left alone, and so you have to get them dogsitters, etc.

3) I don't smoke. This isn't a sacrifice, either, since I've never smoked and it smells gross. (*Bonus: I don't drink coffee. I do occasionally indulge in soy chai lattes and/or London Fogs but not every day, which saves money because I don't get a hot drink every single day)

Not that I don't want to be a coffee drinker, the caffeine just makes me go kinda insane.
Even the minute amounts in a decaf coffee. It sucks, but that's life.

4) I don't own an apartment/condo/house. So I don't have to pay for house insurance or maintenance, or wake up early to shovel or mow the lawn (not that those things save money but... they're also benefits of my lifestyle).

5) I write this blog everyday! It's got me thinking constantly about finances and paying better attention to how I'm spending my money. Even when I spend money on something that maybe I shouldn't, I at least pause before spending. I've basically reprogrammed my brain.

Do you guys have frugal habits you've worked into your daily life?

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