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Jour 118: Au revoir, overdraft!

"You're just a Librarian who doesn't know how to budget."
"That's way harsh, Ty."

Heeey, so... remember how this is a finance blog? And awhile ago I was thinking about what to do with my overdraft?

Somehow, Christmas got expensive, and then January was dealing with that fallout and then February *mumblemumble* and now it's the end of April and... I'm not in overdraft! I'M NOT IN OVERDRAFT AT THE END OF THE MONTH!!

This may not be news to other people but to me it's HUGE. I'm going to give it another month to continue building up a little buffer and then... I don't know. Maybe I'll cancel the overdraft, or maybe I'll just try and keep a buffer always there. I'm too superstitious to get rid of it altogether (what if the world ends and I really, really need an extra $20? WHAT THEN??) but this is a step in the right direction, fo sho.

::takes a bow::

::realizes this is not really an accomplishment for an adult person with a job::

::bows anyway::

Or a curtsy, whichever.

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