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Jour 117: 5 things that are worth a little extra money (& 5 that aren't)

Barbra Streisand knows what's worth a little extra.
Check out her BATHTUB SHELF. OMFG.

Have you guys read this post from And Then She Saved about 8 items worth the splurge and 17 items that aren't? Go ahead, read it.

This inspired me to make up my own list of what I, personally, think is worth the money and what isn't.

Worth it

Grace Kelly knows she's worth it.

1) Toilet paper. I don't buy like, expensive name-brand toilet paper, but the cheap stuff is just no good. I'd go with in-between cost TP. Because the really cheap stuff is also thin, so you use twice as much, so you aren't actually saving any money. Similar to...

2) Kleenex. OK, not necessarily Kleenex brand, but the no-name stuff is so scratchy and, if you have a cold? Just makes your nose skin even more red and inflamed. So, I don't necessarily advocate the really expensive stuff with like, lotion in it, but a medium priced brand. Of course, handkerchiefs are more frugal, and also soft.

3) Hair cut and colour. I realize this is up for debate for some people, but for me? It's worth every cent and not just because my hairstylist is the coolest lady in Saskatoon. Your hair is the one accessory you wear every day, so it's worth taking care of. If your outfit is cheap, a good head of hair creates the illusion of fabulosity.

Duchess Catherine obviously prioritizes hair care.
How is her hair always so shiny and bouncy? WHAT IS HER SECRET?

4) Dish detergent. At one time, I tried to use castille oil soap as dish soap. This did not work. I have also worked as a dishwasher at a diner that tried to cut costs by buying no-name dish soap - much like discount toilet paper, you had to use at least twice as much of the cheap stuff as you did normal stuff. Totally not worth the extra cost - you can use a tiny amount of better quality dish soap to get the same result as a 1/4 bottle of cheap stuff.

5) Eye shadow, nail polish, and foundation. Cheap eyeshadows have much less pigment than more expensive ones; their texture is more flaky; they tend to get greasy; and they wear off much quicker than more expensive eye shadows. Cheap nail polish sometimes has too-small brushes which makes it hard to apply the polish well. Cheap foundation (including tinted moisturizer and BB cream) comes in way less colours than more expensive foundation, and also you usually can't test it first to see if the colour matches your skin tone.

Seriously, you're not going to get this look with cheap eye makeup.

6) Shoes. While cheap shoe stores can have really cute shoes for really cheap, these make my feet sweat in the grossest way imaginable. And sweaty feet a) are uncomfortable, b) tend to get more blisters, c) smell bad. The Manolo has been saying for years that it's better to save up for a great pair of shoes, than to have many cheap pairs of shoes, and it's totally true.

Not Worth It

Elizabeth Taylor clearly feels that newspapers are worth the money,
but pants are not.

1) Buying books. You can get them free at the library! Exception: books that are so good you read them over and over and you run out of renewals. Another exception: something so new that the wait list is really long and you need to read it right away.

2) Gym membership. You can go outside running, walking, and biking for free! Also, small hand weights are pretty cheap AND you don't have to put up with that terrible sweat smell and gyms' weird obsession with getting everyone to spray down all the equipment every five seconds.

3) Lipstick, face powder, mascara. More expensive lip products tend to be creamier and smell better, but cheaper stuff can last just as long and the colours tend to be comparable. Inexpensive face powder (i.e. to set your makeup) works just as well. And Maybelline's Great Lash mascara has been landing on celebrity makeup artist's best makeup lists for years (I prefer Maybelline The Falsies waterproof, also inexpensive).

Cheap lipstick is also a good way to try out wacky colours you know you won't be wearing every day.

4) Shampoo and conditioner. I really like the smell of some expensive shampoos, but I've honestly never really noticed a difference between using a fancy salon shampoo/conditioner and drugstore ones. The key seems to be changing up which brand you're using, so your hair doesn't get used to one thing.

What about you guys? What do you think is worth the extra cost, or not?

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