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Jour 116: The newspaper thing

Extree extree read all about it!

So, recently, it has come to my attention that Saskatoon is overwhelmed with free weekly newspapers. We have Planet S, Saskatoon Express, Bridges, The Sheaf, The Saskatoon Sun, Verb, and now... Metro!

You guys have probably seen Metro magazine elsewhere. As the numerous billboards and advertisements remind us, it's the world's most popular weekly... or something. This newspaper makes sense in places like Toronto or Vancouver where there are trains and subways and people actually commute. Around these parts? People drive everywhere. Or else, they're me and my friends, and we all carry books with us to read (because my friends are almost all librarians).

Marilyn Monroe, noted bookworm

Anyway, free is always better than costing something, which makes these newspapers inherently free. But what about other newspapers? Did you know you can also get them for free? AT THE LIBRARY?

No, I don't just mean going to the library to read the newspaper there. You can access free databases through your library that let you read newspapers from all around the world! For reals. Just check if your local library website has access to Press Display, and then read every newspaper in the world (practically) for free (unless you live in Alberta, where everything's bizarre and you have to pay for a library card). (But even then, it's just like $10/year or something)

I don't mean to hate on Alberta. I mean, who else could convince Wills and Kate to wear cowboy hats? And also: how cute do they look in their cowboy hats??

Anyway. I briefly had a trial subscription to the actual newspaper, but I never actually read it. Also: I live in an apartment building and somebody kept taking my newspaper so I almost never got a copy of it.

But honestly? I get most of my news from links on Twitter, articles I see my friends have read on Facebook, and Lainey Gossip. Something about sitting reading a whole newspaper sounds kind of weird and old-fashioned, like shining your shoes or something.

Is it only a matter of time before paid subscriptions to newspapers disappear altogether? Why would anyone pay for a newspaper in this day and age? Do you guys read the newspaper?

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