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Jour 115: It's biking season again!!



After going through a mild winter, followed by a rainy period, some very hot days, then snow, then rain again, then hot again, then cold/windy, then snow, then hot again (and that's just this week) - I have finally brought my bike out of winter hibernation!

A bike is really the most frugal thing you can have, seriously.


1) Cheaper than a car to buy in the first place
2) You don't need to buy gas to run it
3) You get exercise riding it, so you save on gym money (dammit, that reminds me, I really need to cancel my gym membership that I haven't used in ~6 months)
4) It is so fun to bike around that you get fresh air and sunshine because you're outside so much
5) You can only hold so much in the basket that it makes you budget grocery shopping better

And it's so fun. Did I mention it's so fun? SO FUN!

Check out my previous articles in praise of riding a bike, including How To Be Fashionable When Bicycling, The Cost of Biking, and Pimp My Bike.

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