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Jour 113: Random Links of Amazingness

'sup bitchezz!
Here are links so random that I couldn't think of a theme other than THEY ARE ALL AWESOME:

The Reluctant Retiree answers the timeless question, "What does an 84-year-old think about The Hunger Games?" and the answer is AWESOME.

The Examiner has a great post about how to shop your closet for spring trends. It's one thing to shop your closet for classic pieces, but this has some great tips about what to recycle for Spring 2012 to look supercute.

Andrea at So Over Debt's article about Do You Worry About Meeting Basic Needs reminded me, yet again, that - despite my debt - I've got it pretty darn good right now.

If these images from Everyday Treats don't inspire you to cut yo'self some bangs, then I really can't help you.

The whole cat surgery fandango reminded me of how I really should have an emergency fund, and Gail Vaz-Oxlade is here to save the day with her tips about how to plan your emergency fund.

Daisy from Add Vodka puts her BF to task for his careless credit card ways... and proves that it's lucky she and I aren't dating because she'd totally break up with me.

And Pipedreaming has stellar picks for anybody who luuurved the Little House on the Prairie books. These new teen books look a-mah-zing.

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