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Jour 105: Cosmo has finance tips, not just sex tips!

This 1967 Cosmo cover art has a kind of Megan Draperish vibe to it, non?
So, this month's Cosmo (cover model: Khloe Kardashian, who I kinda love) has a section called Shameless Money-Saving Tricks. Is this a regular feature? I don't pay enough attention to know.

But anyway, for anyone who doesn't like reading uber-trashy women's magazines like I do (there's more than ridiculous sex tips, honest!), here's the info:

How Sneaky Stores Make You Spend More

"Some stores are using these tricks to mak eyou empty your wallet every time you walk in.

1) Research shows that we pick up more if we carry around a basket or shopping cart, and the bigger it is, the more you put in it. [Note: I totally use a basket, rather than a cart both because that limits the amount of stuff I can buy, and also then I know I'll be able to walk home OK]

2) Stores know most women will second-guess a purchase while waiting in a long line, so they've started to add more cashiers to ring you up more quickly.

3) Credit cards with a sign-up discount: You'll save on the first buy, but experts say you'll spend more in the long run if you're amred with a store's plastic."

Go With Your Instincts

"Trying to decide on the best digital camera? Rather than deliberating for hours on a splurge, follow oyur first decision. Researchers found that you make better choices when you stick with your initial reaction than you do if you spend time considering it. The longer you weigh the pros and cons, the more likely you are to buy something you don't need and can't afford." [Note: I disagree on this. When I think for a long time about something, I wind up not buying it at all. And when I make an impulse buy, it usually turns out to be a bad idea.]

What about you guys, do you ever pay attention to financial tips in otherwise trashy magazines?

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