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Jour 104: Style icon Megan Draper's mod look for less

So! Tomorrow night, I'm going to a mod 60s go-go themed dance birthday extravaganza!

And, you know I've reformed my ways and I don't run around buying makeup 24/7 like I used to... but I totally used to and, ergo, I have an awful lot of makeup. AND it's frugal to use makeup you already own, amiright?

Anyway, this is a similar but different look to my standby 1960s Brigitte Bardot/Catherine Deneuve/Audrey Hepburn/cat-eye makeup and a big bow in my hair look.

This look calls for... Megan Draper inspiration!!

Zou Bisou Bisou, bitchezzz!

Don't know what I mean by Zou Bisou Bisou? Here, take a peek of M.D. in action from the season premiere of Mad Men:

Megan is Don Draper's new sexy French-Canadian wife, replacing Betty Draper's flowery early 60s housewife outfits for a racy new 60s look. It's crazy that, for fashion fans of this show, Megan's appearance in the season premiere immediately vaulted her towards the great heights that are Joan from Mad Men's style dominance. Megan epitomizes a late 60s youthful style, with three key features:

1) Extreme Eye Makeup

Step 1: Eye makeup!

Mid-to-late 1960s makeup was entirely focused on the eye area. I mean, to the point that the fashionable ladies would use white lipstick so that their mouths and the rest of their faces disappeared. 

For Megan's look, the show's makeup artist took inspiration from her own mother's high school yearbook, Cleopatra, Sophia Loren, and Twiggy." Essentially: a shizz load of eyeliner, mascara, and fake lashes.

But you already own all of those things, right frugal friends? If you don't a good eyeliner, mascara and a set of false lashes can help you accomplish basically any makeup look you're going for. PLUS eyeliner lasts for years, even when you use it as much as I do so it's frugal to buy one! One eyeliner! 

(You should also, while you're at the makeup store anyway, pick up some white eyeshadow because not only will it take your eye makeup look over the top BUT a good white eyeshadow is also the basis for lots of other fun makeup looks, like a 40s eye, a 1950s eye, etc. Another valuable investment!)

Maddeningly youthful fashion blogger Tavi has this great tutorial for 5 minute mod eye makeup on her blogazine for teen girls (that I read anyway, in secret), Rookie Mag.

2) Stylishly messy hair

You want hair with movement, body and bounce. So if you suddenly burst into song, you won't have to worry about messing it up when you fling your head to and fro.

This one article I read asked "Is Megan Draper's bob the new 'Rachel'?" To which I say - why not? It's a utilitarian hairstyle. If your hair is already this length, then flip it upside down, throw on some hairspray, and go. Or, if you like actual instructions, here's a DIY tutorial featuring the lucky gal who won that "Win a walk on role on Mad Men" contest I entered last year.

Me? I'm fully committed to growing my hair out, so what's a lady with long hair to do for that Megan Draper je ne sais quoi? (Oooh, and she's French! So this works with my whole 2012 French Inspiration thing! Ooh la la!) Anyway, you can take a stab at Megan's to-die-for updo from the second episode:

The crazy printed polyester dress and 12 lbs. of jewellery are optional, bien sur.
But see how her eye makeup is to die for? While her lips are invisible? 1960s style, son.

This looks crazy complicated and clearly is using some sort of hairpiece (since her hair is way shorter than this). But if you have actual long hair, you could do this casual styles with a...

Lauren Conrad-style messy pony with volume!

Or, if you have extremely advanced hair skills (and longer hair, and more patience than me), I aspire to one day try out...

The website this tutorial is on is actually Chinese, but I don't think being able to understand the instructions would make this hairstyle and less impossible for me to do. But so pretty, right??

Whatever you do, make sure your hair's messy and not too fussy/perfect. You aren't dressing like Joan for a day at the office - you're Megan Draper! Wild and crazy swingin' 60s French Canadian style star!

3/4) Bright colours, short skirts

Seriously, Betty Draper would faint if someone tried to make her wear this
(and not just the new season's Fat Betty - *rimshot*)

Seriously, Megan Draper is almost always wearing a bright pattern. Even when she tries to wear a basic black and white ensemble, the colours appear almost like magic:

Also the large, Mr. T style necklace appeared as if by magic.
She literally cannot dress in a boring manner. She's magnetically charged in the opposite direction from boring outfits.

So for an outfit? Don't go buying something new, just grab any old minidress, some hot boots, and you're good to go. If you do wear separates, remember Megan's casually "I totally was just making out with my super hot husband in his office at work" dissheveled workplace look:

Her blouse is a) ruffled, b) polka dotted, and c) loose fitting.
Megan is also allergic to tight-fitting anything. Give yourself some breathing space! Throw away your Spanx!

Bonus Points

Remember, Megan's whole look is effortlessly chic veering into bohemian territory. While your old Betty Draper or Joan Holloway costumes relied on lots of supportive undergarments, Megan's loose-fitting clothes are meant to be worn over the skimpiest of underthings.

OK, so this doesn't look like the briefest of underthings to the generation of little texting tweenagers who have been wearing thongs since they got out of diapers, but...

Compare Megan's bare legs and unstructured lingerie to the crazymaking outfit Betty wore a few years ago. Megan's stomach is allowed to breathe normally! Megan doesn't have to undo a girdle to go to the bathroom!
Megan Draper, Style Star!

PS: Big ups to and for outstanding amounts of photos of every angle of every outfit worn by every Mad Men character. xo

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