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Jour 102: Shopping makes you unhappier than not shopping does

*nods in understanding*

So, remember how I accidentally subscribed to four magazines by mistake? And I was going to validate that by finding some financial advice every month in each magazine to share with you guys?

Well, here's some info from the February Chatelaine magazine that I'm still just getting through. (It's tough to read four  magazines every month, while also reading lots and lots of really good books - follow me on Goodreads or check my podcast to see what I'm reading lately). Anyway, I was perusing the article 'Secrets to Happiness That Really Work" when I came across this very interesting and pertinent factoid:

Don't Shop Til You Drop

"It may be fun to sit and browse Etsy, but the benefits of retail therapy are short-lived. 'The evidence is that more materialistic people are less happy,' says Christopher Barrington-Leigh, an assistant professor at the Institute for Health and Social Policy at McGill University. And research shows excitement over purchases doesn't last - unless they're for someone else. So the next time you pull out your wallet, use your shopping powers for good and pick up some healthy food for a food bank or clothing for a women's shelter."

In other words, get yo' Robin Hood on! Shop from the rich to feed the poor!

Interesting, right? They also report that, according to science, people are happiest just after sex, exercise, and seeing a live theatre or music performance. So? I need to replace shopping with... hmm... exercise? I don't know.

PS, also? In this month's Flare magazine there is an article about how to dress like a Parisienne! And also how to shop like a Parisienne and live like a Parisienne! It's all based on this book, Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange which I have obviously placed a hold on at the library, and will obviously summarize for y'alls after I read skim it. For a sneak peek, totes check out the new Flare mag (with ScarJo on the cover in a zippery dress)

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