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Jour 101: The Baby Detox (guest post)

Annabelle: Today's I'm so happy to have the gorgeous Katy P join us for this post about being fashionable and fabulous while preggos. We already know what Bea Danville thought about this subject, but Katy's advice has 100% less peplums and is also in 21st century dollars.

Katy: Hello Dextoxers!

Annabelle asked me to do a guest post about being a frugal mom/recently pregnant person. I’m super flattered that she thinks I’m a) fashionable and b) frugal enough to entertain all y’all. Fashionable? Probably not. Frugal? Honeys, I am so tight I squeak.

The desire to look cute is never stronger than it is when you are pregnant, and yet, it feels so indulgent to buy a whole wardrobe that you might only wear once, and for less than 9 months. After close to 7 years in the professional world I’ve amassed a nice little wardrobe of basics, with some hotass shoes and a really great leather jacket that I pull out when I’m feeling feisty. Unfortch, all of these stopped fitting at about 5 weeks up the duff, and I wanted nothing more than to be one of those fly pregnant ladies, not some exhausted pile of nausea and headaches that collapsed on the couch every night and moaned until she got crackers and cheese in quantity. Which was the reality of my situation.

I felt like this most of the time. HOT MESS, COMING THROUGH

[Annabelle: hasn't J-Simp been preggos for like, 12 years by now?
 OMFG Have the baby already, my god, your poor body]

But this is what I was aiming for. Until I could no longer see over my stomach, at which point stairs became death traps and I had to pack away my heels.

In the end, I spent about $600 on getting myself pregnant-spiffy. Maybe this is not a lot for some people: for me, it felt like a huge indulgence, because my clothing budget is usually pretty slim, but I couldn’t very well haul into work in my husband’s old Model UN shirt and a pair of leggings and expect to be taken seriously. I had every intention of Craigslisting all my clothes to save a few bucks but I couldn’t bring myself to go out to the burbs to look at someone’s Old Navy jeans when I could just GO TO OLD NAVY and buy them for, like, $15. Squeeeeeeak.

I bought a complete pregnancy wardrobe constructed around the same stuff I already love in my closet including a pair of dark denim jeans that were nice enough for work, black pants that go with everything, and a terrific wrap dress that was a total score from Craigslist. I also sprung for a camel-coloured winter coat, a couple of pairs of cheap flats, and two Bella Bands in white and black that helped me get a couple more miles out of my regular pants during those early days. Pair that with a handful of new necklaces and earrings, and some red lipstick (it was time), and I was good to go.

My advice, ladies-who-may-get-pregnant? It’s possible to be wicked cute and pregnant. Part of it is buying a smart wardrobe, which you can treat as a Best Of collection from your regular clothes, just with limited belts. The other part is freeing up a little bit of dough to spend on yourself and enjoy the heck out of it. Because it really is the last time you will be totally cool shopping only for yourself.

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