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Jour 100: How do you keep track of debt repayment?

Elizabeth Taylor a) is wearing the greatest dress and b) always went after what she wanted.
Movie roles, questionable fashion choices, other peoples' husbands.
I need to channel this ambition vis-a-vis my financial issues.

So, I was talking to my sister over the weekend, and she asked me why I don't have some sort of way for readers to follow along and see how much money I'm saving up/debt I'm paying down. And that's a really good question, and the answers are:

1) I don't want to specifically say how much money I owe, and to what, because this blog's not about stats and also it's kind of embarrassing and my Mom reads this sometimes,

2) I'm not actually paying down that much debt. THAT BEING SAID, my debt isn't getting bigger, which is better than the reverse.

When I googled "Progress," I got this picture.
I don't know. Her eyebrows are pretty great.

So, here's my compromise. It's not just so that you can feel like you're at home watching the Tour de France and seeing how close people are getting to their goals. It will also, as suggested by my sister, hold me accountable.

Therefore, I'll do it via percentages!

Credit card debt: I'm currently 2.76% paid off of my credit card/line of credit debt. That looks like this:

Not bad, right? I mean, it's a start, at least.

In order to pay down all of this debt in 3 years (my goal), that means I need to pay off about 2.7% of the total balance every month. Trust me, the math works out. (But if it doesn't, you wouldn't know because I won't tell you the real balances hahahaha)

So anyway. I'll give you a monthly update... or a widget... or something? Definitely something that I can look at every day and feel a sense of accomplishment for doing.

I think at one point, Mama Gail had suggested making a thermometer and sticking it to your wall (like for food drives at the grocery store) to chart your progress. Frankly, that no longer seems insane. It almost sounds... fun?

How do you guys keep track of your debt repayment??

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