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Frugal Icon: Charlotte Gainsbourg

You guys, meet Charlotte Gainsbourg:

Don't know who she is? All you need to know is, these are her parents:

Jane "they named the bag after her" Birkin & Serge "his boots are also OK" Gainsbourg
OK, there's some other stuff you should know about her like:

- she's European celebrity royalty (see: her parents, above)

- she's an actress (most recently in Melancholia) and a singer

- she won the French version of an Oscar when she was 14

- her trademark look is a makeup-free face and tousled hair (which she achieves naturally by, you know, not wearing makeup and not fussing with her hair)

- she says stuff like:

"I like wearing the same sweater over and over again, then taking it off when it’s smelly."
- she breastfed her kids for a long time, in France, where people don't much care for the frugal art of breastfeeding (aka - the cheapest way for babies to eat)

- of her trademark au naturale, makeup free ways, she says that her fashion model mother encouraged her to be this way, "She said that during the 1960s, due to all the makeup, all the girls looked the same. She said you should stay as authentic as possible."

- she dresses in a regular uniform generally consisting of jeans, button-up shirts, few accessories, her hair down and with bangs. And looks chic every day of her life.

- she went on a world tour in order to tackle her lifelong battle with stage fright. That's like doing a marathon to tackle your lifelong battle with getting off the sofa.

She's like, "Stage fright what? Meh."

Basically, she's a style icon and a frugal icon without even trying. Part of that is likely her DNA and her upbringing, but most of it is just that she's the coolest ever.

Charlotte Gainsbourg: Je Ne Sais Quoi Frugal Icon

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