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Jour 90: Canada hates pennies! What??

Canada cancelled the penny, y'all!

No Mo' Pennies in Canadialand!

How do we feel about this? Why did they do this? Is my jar of loose change now WORTHLESS? WHAT IS GOING ON?

So, pennies cost slightly more than a penny each to manufacture and, basically, they are heavy and useless and everybody hates them. Also, by stopping making new pennies, it will somehow save the government $11 million dollars. (Really? That's how much they were spending every year on making new pennies?)

What about the coin purses? WILL NO ONE THINK OF THE COIN PURSES??

Pennies will be CANCELLED starting in April, and then they'll stop sending them to banks in the fall. They're still worth money, if you take them to the bank, and you can spend them in stores but - much like the dinosaurs - they will gradually go extinct. (Or did the dinosaurs all go extinct at once in like, a global warming scenario? Do we know that yet?)

So anyway, now in Canada, prices will be ROUNDED y'all - but only if you pay cash. So, say you buy some of the new Hunger Games nail polish and it comes to $6.99. If you pay credit or debit, it would still be $6.99 - but in cash, it would be $7! Or something. They say that businesses can sort this out for themselves like - thanks for the big mess, you guys!

Are you leaving it up to this kid to decide whether to round your order up or down?
He's too busy being confused if you want paper or plastic! He can't take that kind of pressure!

Think of those poor high school kids working at McDonald's, with those giant touch-screen cash registers. Are they supposed to sometimes round prices up or down, and sometimes charge the full amount? Or, more likely, stores will start changing prices so everything ends in $0.05, rather than needing pennies.

Does that mean we're going to wind up paying more? Probably, sometimes. But I almost always pay with debit and really, with the rounding up of things how much could you possibly lose in a year? Like, $2.00 total?

I would advise the beaver sitting on the Canadian nickel to watch his back - they're coming for you too! Maybe soon everything will be in denominations of $0.25! Don't they do that in Australia or something?

Watch your back, $0.05 beaver!

What do you guys think? Will you miss the penny?

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