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Jour 89: Operation: Save My Cat's Life! (... teeth)

You guys! My little cat, the light of my life, my little furry pal, is GRAVELY ILL!

Hepburn puts on a brave face, despite her terrible tooth problems.

OK, she's not technically gravely ill. She's got some tooth issues and needs to have some teeth removed. Unlike human children, this sort of thing is not covered by normal health insurance (which is craziness! Cats should be allowed on their parents' insurance, esp. if said parent doesn't have any other dependents).

I just got an estimate from the vet, and it will cost anywhere from $300-$700 for this surgery. For a cat dental visit! I don't have that kind of spare change lying around (esp. now that pennies have been cancelled in Canada)

So anyway. Here's Hepburn:

Sleeping so soundly, dreaming dreams of being able to afford tooth surgery.

She's like, "Don't look at me! I'm so sad about my tooth issues and now the Internet knows!
I am now like the Kim Kardashian of cats, in that, everybody knows my more innermost, personal details."

This situation may sound familiar to some of you. Yes, three years ago, my cat also had to get cat surgery, and I held a fundraising party. This time, I thought I would ask all of my bestest blog-reading friends to help out! Seriously, even an extra $2 or $5 will help me not lose sight of all of my savings and debt-repayment goals in the face of necessary cat surgery!

Plus... everybody who donates will be entered to win a prize! So you get, not only the good feelings of helping out a car in need of $700 TOOTH SURGERY, but also a fun prize! What's the fun prize, you might ask? A book! A GAIL VAZ-OXLADE BOOK! (It's Your Money: Becoming A Woman Of Independent Means)

Hepburn, the time I found her trying to run away to hear Gail Vaz-Oxlade speak in Toronto.
She also finds Mama Gail's voice super-soothing, and her advice practical, yet kind.
Save a cat's dental health, help me maintain my debt-repayment schedule and maybe win a prize! That's not only win/win, but full-on win/win/win!

Donations will be accepted for the next TWO WEEKS, because Hepburn's appointment will be on APRIL 20th.

There is a little donation thingie up in the corner there, and also below:

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