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Jour 86: Accidental theft < actual frugality

You guys, I accidentally stole some groceries today.

Like Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde, I was both fabulous and duplicitous.

I (accidentally) stole:

1 tin of canned tomatoes (to make soup with!)
1 package of steel-cut oats (for healthy breakfasts!)

They're both sitting, unopened, in my kitchen right now making me feel so guilty. My plan is to go back to the store on Wednesday, explain the sitch, and pay for the food. I can't go tomorrow because I'm at work all day and won't be able to get there! But I would if I could! I feel so bad!!

Most importantly, I didn't do it on purpose! 

Here's what happened:

I was being all enviro-friendly, money-saving, 21st century girl with my reusable grocery bag. I put the stuff I was buying into my bag so my hands were free. However, I carried some stuff in my hands and only paid for the stuff in my hands. It was only after I'd paid for my stuff and left that I remembered the oats and the tomatoes but by then it was too late!

I was being all Jessica Alba-like with the reusable bags and the cute outfit,
only realizing too late that I was TOTALLY STEALING TOMATOES!

I didn't know what to do! I didn't realize it was that easy to steal stuff! And - not that it should matter - but it kinda does - it wasn't a giant supermarket conglomerate store, but a small, independent health food store. I feel extra bad for ripping off an independent store because I'm all about supporting the small local businesses.

So anyway, how frugal is theft? I mean, technically, I saved money but at what cost?? 

So, while theft may technically save you money it's not frugal. I mean, it turns out that it's actually really easy to steal stuff (probably I looked very unsuspicious since I didn't realize I was stealing), but the risk - jail, etc. - makes it totally unworthwhile. FRUGAL FAIL!

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