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Jour 85: Hunger Games Link Luuurve

Love. Her.

OK, wherever you are right now? Stop reading this article (you can come back and read it later), call in sick to work if necessary, and GO SEE THE HUNGER GAMES MOVIE OH MY GOD

I. Can't. Even. It's perfect. More perfect than perfect - it's like they took everything awesome about the book, polished it up to make it shiny, removed any extraneous plot threads and MADE IT AMAZING. It's like BAM! Lenny Kravitz is super hot! BAM! Jennifer Lawrence is the greatest ever! BAM! Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket is my new life hero! BAM! Giant iPad desks! BAM! Crazy beards! BAM! Eyelashes shaped like butterflies! BAM! BAM! BAM!

[Note to parents: this movie is rated 13A FOR A REASON. The people next to me brought their kid, who looked about 8, and who spent the last 2/3 of the movie with his face buried in his father's chest with his hands over his ears. LOTS OF BLOOD IN THIS MOVIE. So... decide accordingly whether or not to bring your kids]


OK, are you back now from seeing the movie? WASN'T IT SO GREAT?

Here are some links to read as we all decompress:

Everyday Treats reminds us to put flowers where you can see them. [Like how Creepy President Snow in the movie is always carrying around CREEPY WHITE ROSES!]

Fabulously Fru-Girl bought 10 pairs of shoes but it's OK because it's totally frugal! [Like how Effie Trinket in the movie wears TOTALLY AMAZING SHOES ALL THE TIME!]

Frugal Beautiful wrote this thoughtful piece about the challenges of living frugally. [Katniss & co. are good role models of frugal living b/c they TOTALLY HAVE NO MONEY AT ALL IN THE MOVIE!]

My Thirty Spot gives tips for how to break up with your hair stylist. [Katniss has the best stylist in the world in the movie - LENNY KRAVITZ AND HIS GOLD EYELINER!]

To Unpathed Waters, To Undreamed Shores discusses how to pack light. [In the movie, Katniss is abandoned in an arena and she only has a backpack with minimal supplies BUT THAT DOESN'T STOP HER FROM BEING AMAZING!!]

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