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Jour 84: Librarian shopaholic rock groupie

Hey, guys!

So, all that I will say about last night's Pretty Reckless concert is that IT WAS SO FUN. And since the show was for ages 16+, that meant it started promptly at 8 and ended before 11pm. That suits my old person timeframe very nicely.

Not familiar with their music/aesthetic? Here's a taste:

Yes, that's Taylor Momsen, formerly of Gossip Girl. Yes, she just turned 18. Yes, I kind of love this band. What's not to love? The music's catchy and badass in a kind of pop way, the lyrics are easy to memorize, and I seriously cover her shoes.

So anyway, I had the expected panic of what to wear. The 18-year-old lead singer of this band has a definite look and, being more than 10 years older, one foot shorter, and 50 lbs heavier than her, I knew that wearing a merrywidow and stockings wasn't really an option. [Note: numerous other people at the concert did not have this problem. I've never been in the presence of so many visible stockings and suspender since... ever?]

This sort of lingerie-inspired dress I might have worn. But not to a rock concert.
How gorgeous is this garment, really? Bring back lovely, ladylike undergarments PLZ THX.

Anyway, so I wandered about the mall, being tempted by stores with their cute retro mod polka-dot librarian/secretary dresses which are, apparently, trendy now (everybody's following my advice!). "These Kenley-style outfits are so cute, but where are the trashy rock concert clothes?" I wondered, successfully avoiding buying anything. I mean, even the jeans stores weren't selling beat-up grungy looking jeans like they were two years ago, it's all crisp and preppy skinny capri jeans in candy colours.

Not that I have anything against candy-coloured skinny jeans (as anyone who follows my "style ideas" pinboard on Pinterest can attest).

So, I wound up back home where I had the genius idea to find a retro fantastic tshirt from my own pajamas drawer. I have a heap of oversized tees that I wear to bed and SO, I found the absolute perfect shirt to wear. [Note: it turns out that it's not quite as loose-fitting now as it was when I got it 7 years ago. But still awesome!]

Souvenir tee from the Lower East Side Tenement Museum in NYC!
(thx to Sa and Zac who got me this ages and ages ago)
Yes, that's a guy with a broken nose on the front. Yes, my version of rock and roll style is to wear a souvenir tshirt from a museum. I am a Librarian, after all.
And how to accessorize?

Librarian Rockstar Chic!
I will admit to having purchased a new eyeliner for the occasion BUT that's because I've tried to do this kind of waterline eyeliner scenario before, and wound up with itchy eyes and blurry vision. It was crucial to get a super long lasting eyeliner - and Lauren Conrad recommends the NARS one so, was there any question?

And bonus! When I bought the eyeliner at Sephora, they scanned my membership card thingie and since it's my birthday in 2 weeks, I got a FREE GIFT! Yet another reason Sephora is the best ever AND a good reason to maintain a membership card there.

Seriously, if you get a (free) Sephora Beauty Insider card, when it's your birthday in 2012 you get this super mini set of Fresh lip products! LAUREN CONRAD USES THIS LIP BALM. Free!

And because I know you want to know, Taylor Momsen from The Pretty Reckless wore:

- oversized white tee with a picture of a naked lady riding a rocket on it
- black leather short-shorts
- tights (practical!)
- the most awesome boots, all covered with buckles
- 20 lbs of hair extensions
- 20 lbs of black eyeshadow

Thanks for the fun show, Little J!

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