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Jour 80: Fun and free dates! (Cosmo financial advice)

So, in a fit of late-night shopaholicism, I inadvertently subscribed to four magazines: Chatelaine, Flare, and Elle Canada. I regularly subscribe to Cosmo as well because, obviously. That magazine is the most trashy wonderful 200 pages of smut ever.

Anyway, to somewhat validate this lax in my financial judgment (although it's just like $14 for a year's subscription which isn't that much, really), I am going to share financial tips every month for everybody to enjoy!

This month's Cosmo has a list of 25 "fun - and free - things to do with your guy!"

See, it's a real article. They even put it in a big pink bubble on the cover!

The most actually frugal ideas

- Friend some bars on Facebook. They might offer you drink coupons when you do!
- Hit up a big supermarket, and troll the aisles for samples.
- Go to an art opening or a book reading. They often have wine, and you'll feel cultured for nada cash.
- Have a potluck cocktail party. Ask guests to bring a bottle of booze that's been collecting dust, then play mixologists together.

The most "That's so Cosmo!" activities

- Wash the car. Make it more fun by donning a white tee shirt to give him a view to remember.
- Strip poker. "It's a classic for a reason"
- Support a friend's band. "Live music + dark corners just scream make out!"

... so, out of all of these, the ones I might consider would be the potluck cocktail party (um, how fun does that sound? SO FUN!) and/or getting supermarket samples. None of those really frugal ones seem particularly date-esque, though. And FYI - I have been to art openings and book readings and there does not tend to be wine. At least out here in the Canadian prairies. Maybe a veggie tray - MAYBE.

And seriously, Cosmo? Wash the car in a white tee shirt? What kind of frugal person owns a car, please.

I may consider the band one. Not just because I'm heading out to see my personal BFF Taylor Momsen & crew perform this weekend! Woot!

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