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Jour 79: Being frugal is hard-core and makes you feel tough

Note: I was wearing a lot more than this at the bus stop tonight.
But I was similarly frugal and fabulous, OBVIOUSLY.

Hey, guys. So, remember how yesterday I was all "La la la springtime rain boots mud warm weather la la la?"

So, today, in that totally predictable normal Canadian springtime manner, it went from warm and muddy to cold and icy and freezing rain-y. And who was out waiting for 30 minutes at the bus stop (that doesn't have a bus shelter)? Moi.

I was dressed better than some of the other people I saw getting onto the bus - like the girl in the flip-flops with bare feet, for instance. I was wearing my Duchess Kate/Catherine Deneuve/Audrey Hepburn-inspired trench coat, a knitted beret (French!), mittens and wintry boots. Oh, I was also obviously wearing an outfit inside of all this outerwear.

Standing in a trench coat in the snow/rain is kind of French, right?
At least, in this picture.

Anyway, I was totes freezing cold in the rain as I listened to Catching Fire (the second Hunger Games book) on my iPod. Listening to all the horrible things that Katniss goes through, I was like, "Meh, what's a thirty minute wait for the bus when Katniss [SPOILER HORRIBLE THINGS INVOLVING COLD WEATHER AND GRUESOME TEEN DEATHS]?"

Not once, waiting in the cold and the freezing rain (the back of my trench solidified under a sheet of ice, FYI), did I wish I had a car. In fact, watching the cars go skidding by on the icy roads, I was quite glad that I didn't have to go out there driving.

Basically, I felt super hardcore frugal Katniss styles out there in the ice and the rain. The people driving in their cars may have been warmer and drier, but I think that tonight, facing the elements, me and my frugal style were so much awesomer.

(AND it was great to come home and make soup and put on flannel pj's and hug my cat because DAMN that was cold)

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