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Jour 78: Springtime Link Luuurve!

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's shows you can still be glam,
even if you aren't dressed for the rain.

Spring starts in three days, which means biking to work, wedge sandals, watermelons and strawberries and fresh air!! Also: waterproof boots because that mud is not very forgiving, y'all. Take a note from Duchess Kate and try a classic waterproof trench in the spring rain, for a little je ne sais quoi French style in the dampness.

Frugal Icon Duchess Kate shows us how to look fabulous, even in the spring rain.
and in other news...

Hunger Games Obsession Watch:

Katniss' spring style includes a gorgeous leather jacket, bow and arrow, and insane survival skills.

Because I write crazy amounts of posts, some of you might have missed this one that I'm especially proud of from last week: Frugal fashion lessons from The Hunger Games. Shizz gets real on Friday, you guys! And you bet I've got my tickets pre-purchased.

... I also may have been wearing my hair in a Katniss style braid (here's a good tutorial!) all last week while listening to the books on audio. The narrator (Elizabeth McCormack of Law and Order fame) is so great! If you don't have time to read the books, totally check out the audio.

Linky dinky doos!

Mochi & Macarons has this great post that I agree with 100% : What's so wrong with a little shopping? And I want that wrap dress she got SO BAD.

Find Me Frugal(er) investigates Yelp - a website I keep hearing about but never really understood until I read her post : Having opinions gets me free stuff?

Fabulously Fru-Girl wrote this great piece about how to pack light(er)... perfect for all of the imaginary trips I like to think I'll take once I pay down my debt. Probably also helpful advice for anyone going to one of the finance blogger conferences in September!

Roxanna from Everyday Treats is clearly as much a fan of Project Runway as I am, going by her great post Everything I Ever Needed To Know About Style I Learned from Project Runway. And it's crazy, but on the all stars season, I'm kind of hoping Austin wins. I still love Mondo's designs best of any contestant, but Austin's personality is so friendly and fun. I want Austin to my be BFF, and Mondo to be my personal stylist, basically.

Cait from Blonde on a Budget got cable and a landline and is saving money! I got a similar promotion last year, and it was the happiest 6 months of my life (kinda... I mean, I had HBO at home! For $50 a month! It was insaneballs!) I'm crossing my fingers and toes I can get a similar deal when I switch my cell phone provider in June.

And finally, Ella from My Year Without Wasting Money has this amazing tutorial to fix broken eyeshadows! Total frugal win!

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