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Jour 76: 99 days without a cellphone, starting today!

Should I also get a pointy boob bra to go with my new landline lifestyle?

Remember how my phone died awhile ago? And I costed out the options? But then my phone started working again?

Well, it's totally gone now. I mean, it turns on, but when I push the buttons, nothing happens. And it doesn't ring when people call me. And the alarm clock doesn't go.

This does mean, on the upside, that I now am in the market for an adorable new ALARM CLOCK!
Oh, hello, ModCloth...

So, here's a recap of my current phone situation:

I have an old-timey non-smart phone with 2.5 months left on the contract. My cell phone is through a different company than my cable/internet/landline SO, when my contract expires, I am going to get a new phone (iPhone!!) to bundle with the rest of my shizz to get a better deal and save money.

Rest assured that, once I have an iPhone, I will get a retro headset like Lenny Kravitz.
Sigh. Oh, Lenny Kravitz. Has The Hunger Games opened yet? Not yet? Sigh.

2.5 months, people. Rather than buy a phone to use for 2.5 months, I am simply going CELL PHONE COLD TURKEY until such time as I can get my iPhone. This sounds drastic, until you realize that I use my cell for 2 things currently:

1) alarm clock in the mornings
2) to say goodnight to my Frugal Advisor at night

"Hello?" "Hello!" "Hi!"
"Wait, who's the third person on the phone?"
"I don't know. How was your day?"

As my friends and acquaintances have come to realize, I don't usually answer my phone and I never think to check for text messages. There are a few businesses that only have my cell phone # (dentist, hair stylist, etc.) so I can check for messages (which are largely of the "Calling to remind you of your appointment!" variety) from any phone.

Basically, this isn't really a frugal thing (since I'm still paying $30/month for 3 months for a phone that doesn't do anything but sit pretty on my dressing table), but it will certainly be a challenge. Actually? It won't even be that much of a challenge, since I hardly use my phone... wait, no, it is a challenge. If I can go 2.5 months without any cell phone whatsoever, then do I even need to add one when the contract expires? Possibly not...

So, it's an experiment in Amish-style cell-phone-free living!

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