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Jour 71: Women's Money Week Link Luuurve


It's time to take action, strapless Wonder Woman boustier style!

So, at the conclusion of Women's Money Week, today's topic is Goals/Taking Action. Check out the other bloggers at the Women's Money Week website for their excellent advice. Personally? I'm out of my depth here, and I'm in desperate need of advice for how to proceed. As such, here are some great links to help me, you, and everyone to take action!

Linky dinks

Andrea from So Over Debt wrote this great pieace about how to build a work wardrobe when you're broke. Because looking good isn't just for people with expendable income!

Lindy from Minting Nickels shows you can be frugal, and still be you (or be a pimp-less Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, whichever you prefer)

Nicki from Debt Free By 30 discovered you can DIY your own chocolate syrup. LIFE CHANGING!

Girl Next Door's Guide to Finance discusses skewed spending priorities - is it OK to lust after an iPad but get behind on your rent?

Find Me Frugal(er) has outfrugaled herself with this delicious homemade oatmeal recipe!

Someone named Annabelle wrote this great piece about how to wear tights... hey, that's me! This  might  not be "how to be frugal" advice, but it will help you look cuter everyday.

Your Weekly Gail Vaz-Oxlade

Gail Vaz-Oxlade, the Wonder Woman of Personal Finance
(and my life hero and imaginary BFF)
Mama Gail's been offering so much amazing advice the last few weeks I had to include two in this round-up. First, she explains how to save money on groceries. Next, she shows us the 7 steps to becoming debt-free (love the idea of drawing a thermometer to chart your progress).

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