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Jour 70: Debt is not a four letter word. OK, it kind of is, but you know what I mean.

So, I have debt. I know, shocker, right? But Annabelle, you live so frugally says nobody.

Today's topic for Women's Money Week is debt, and I could write a zillion posts about it. The main thing that comes to mind, though, is my latest quasi-piphany about my debt. Basically, I'm currently living within my means and all's good in the hood, apart from this debt I'm still dragging around from 10 years ago.


Not that I regret the impulsive decisions I made in my 20s.
OK, maybe the cigarette holder was a bad idea.

Once I realized this, everything fell into place like the perfectly-shaped piece in a game of Tetris. I've been living within my means, being good and spending, etc., but my debt keeps staying the same. Why won't it go away? I thought to myself. I'm cooking meals and being thrifty and not buying so many clothes! 

So the thing is, if I'd been living like this 10 years ago, I wouldn't have this debt in the first place. But I wasn't, and so I do. Which is the whole problem.

Options to get rid of the debt

1) Start living even more frugally, and throw as much money as possible onto the debt (most sensible option)

2) Start earning more money, by becoming famous and getting a book deal/suddenly gain money from millionnaire relative I didn't previously know about (best-case scenario)

While I have a fairly reasonable faith that #2 will happen sooner or later (i.e. becoming rich and famous), I should cover all my bases by going with option #1 for awhile.


I already have my hair, makeup and glamour regime prepared for my impending life of blog riches and superstardom.

How to make my frugal life even more frugal?

1) Move to cheaper apartment. (WORST CASE SCENARIO - I luuurve my apartment and haaaaate moving. So, let's call this plan B X NEVER)

2) Channel my inner Gail Vaz-Oxlade and be all budget jars and grocery lists and pay myself first.

3) Make myself a fun challenge so that I don't even notice I'm saving money! (most likely candidate)

As I've learned during this whole Shopping Detox thing, short-term challenges work for me much better than long-term projects. Hence, I declare the remainder of March to be NECESSARY PURCHASES ONLY month. And I will use a Vaz-Oxlade style definition of necessary, which won't include any makeup, clothes, or strange food ingredients. Rather, it will include rent, bills, and necessary food (i.e. milk, eggs).

Or maybe I'll suddenly become a millionaire and/or inherit $200,000 by the end of the month. We'll call that Plan A.

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