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Jour 69: The frugal fashion lessons of The Hunger Games

It's this little-known YA novel. I know the cover's kind of bland, but the story's pretty decent.

Some of you may have already heard about a little-known recent science fiction novel for teenagers called The Hunger Games. No? Well, it's the story of a young archer from a poor region of an evil future America who is plucked from obscurity and becomes a star on an evil reality TV show where she kills a bunch of other kids. Basically.

They're making some sort of low-budget film version of it that I've heard may be premiering sometime in the near future. Whatevs.

Who am I kidding? I luuuurve this book and I am dying to see the film which premieres on MARCH 23 BUY YOUR TICKETS SHOWS ARE ALREADY SOLD OUT WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR AHHHH!

(*Note: if you haven't read the book, ordinarily I'd recommend borrowing it from your local library but frankly, every copy's got a crazy long wait list in every library in the universe. Except for in Saskatoon, where some genius thought to purchase numerous one-week-loan copies so if you live in Saskatoon head over to a library. Tell them I sent you! [*note: not really])

5 Frugal Fashion Lessons of The Hunger Games

1) Long hair is more frugal than short hair. Use braids for added fun and practicality!


So cute, right?

Katniss always wears her hair in one long braid. In the books, that's all it says. But in the film, they interpret that to mean "one long braid to the side, with french braiding across the back of her head, and flattering long bangs to flatter her face." Anyway, she's a kick-ass archery pro and spends most of the first book running around in the woods.

SPOILER: at no point does anyone grab her by her braid to attack her. So braids are both cute, practical, frugal AND shouldn't put you in any added danger should you find yourself forced into an evil reality show where 23 other teens are running around trying to kill you.

2) Paleo diet is frugal and healthy!


Katniss also demonstrates good use of bartering and haggling.

Katniss and her family are dirt poor. The only food they have are whatever she's able to get using her archery skills, along with nuts and berries. She doesn't get like, moose meat with her bow and arrow (the moose all got the heck out of dodge when they tried to make a Moose Hunger Games TV show), she gets squirrel meat. If you're really interested in how she eats both at home and in the games, there is a surely-not-to-be-taken-seriously cookbook of recipes inspired by The Hunger Games. Fried squirred and raccoon in bacon drippings, anyone?

Anyway, Katniss is clearly very fit and active and eats mainly vegetables and meat, so this low-carb diet clearly works for her.

3) Lifting bread is more frugal and practical than lifting weights.


Peeta steps out of the bakery to do a few lat presses with some French bread.

One of the other characters in the book series is Peeta, who worked in his parents' bakery in The Poorest City In Evil Future America. Growing up together, Katniss thought he was just some dude with flour on his apron but no! Once they're in The Hunger Games, it turns out Peeta has like, super strength gained from lifting trays of bread and kneading dough! Also he's super hot and I'm totally #TeamPeeta but who isn't, right?

4) A good makeover never hurt anybody. And may save your life.


A good stylist can help you look good AND provide emotional support.
And if he looks like Lenny Kravitz, so much the better.

As part of being in The Hunger Games, Katniss gets a total makeover from Lenny Kravitz a personal stylist named Cinna. He designs her The Most Beautiful Dress In The World, which makes the reality TV audience start to cheer for her. She also accidentally starts a political movement with another of Cinna's Amazing Dresses. Anyway, she also gets some good exfoliation, hair removal, mani/pedi and tooth scrubbin' and just like when a Librarian takes out her bun and removes her glasses, everyone is like, But Katniss! You're beautiful!

She doesn't care about this stuff, but Cinna knows that looking good helps persuade people to like you.

5) Simple, classic outfits are generally preferable to gaudy trendy outfits.


Elizabeth Banks plays Effie Trinket in the film.
Learn more about the wackadoo Capitol fashions at Capitol Couture.

The Rich City in this book is just called The Capitol and the people there like to do stuff like dye their skin green one week, then blue the next week, or get fish scales tattooed on. It seems like fashion trends change there every five minutes, and all the rich crazy people obsessively keep up with the trends.

But who becomes their fashion star? Just a little girl from the Ozarks with her durable, practical and perfectly fitting outfits. This doesn't make the people in The Capitol start dressing differently, but it shows how classic elegance is always in fashion.

Have you guys read the books? ARE YOU AS EXCITED AS I AM FOR THE MOVIE? 

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