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Jour 67: The famous in Saskatoon edition

Hey, guys! Check out this supercool profile of me from Bridges magazine:

Standing at an angle, sticking out my chin, with my hand on my waist in the
Lauren Conrad-approved flattering photo stance.

If you live in Saskatoon, pick up a copy (it's free!). If you aren't in Saskatoon (or are from Saskatoon, but are lazy) then check out the pics I posted of the whole thing on the Shopping Detox FB page. Or you can read the article part on the Bridges magazine website.

I would like to point out a few things first, as though they weren't already obvious:

1) I trimmed the bangs that you see in this picture myself (like how I blogged about cutting your own bangs!)

2) The beret is for added Frenchy style, in keeping with this year's theme. I tried to have them take a picture of me wearing a fake mustache and holding a baguette and wine, but they said no. (Note: not really. I wish I'd thought of doing that, actually.)

3) The scarf I'm wearing was a Secret Bloggy Santa giftie from @geekymath, who writes the blog Chips For Supper. So now she's famous too!

4) OK, so I'm not wearing my extremely cool and fashionable glasses in this pic (after I blogged about how I would always wear glasses and not contacts). This picture was taken on a very sunny day, you guys. When it's very sunny out, I need to go with a contacts-and-sunglasses strategy or else I will get the snow blindness.

5) How cute is this photo, right? Thanks so much to @JennKSharp and @AndrewSpearin from Bridges for making me look great and sound uncharacteristically intelligent. xo!

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