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Jour 65: Permanent solutions for frugal problems

So, there are a few ways to try and make your lifestyle more frugal.

Bonjour, cheese!

Let's say you're a big fan of cheese. You could either say, "Screw it, I like high-quality cheese!" and cut your budget on a few other things to make room for your Gruyere collection. Or, you could say, "I'll buy cheaper cheese, and eat less of it," to make your money stretch further. Or, you could say, "I'll buy a cow, milk her for cheese, package and sell the cheese and not only get fresh cheese, but make money off of it!" Or, you could give up cheese altogether (not a very good option).

In my opinion? Buy the high quality cheese and cut back on other stuff. But everyone has their own theories.

"Hello? Tom Selleck here. I'd like to discuss body hair removal..."

A real-life example could be hair removal. Let's say that you have some particular hair that you don't like. Like... let's say on the outside of your nose. You could buy a high-quality razor with refillable blades. Or, you could pay less money and buy disposable razors every month. Or, you could go get your nose waxed, which costs more than disposable razors, but lasts longer. Or, you could go all out and get laser hair removal, which is permanent.

The thing is, if it's something you know you're always going to be dealing with? Sometimes a one-time expense can be more frugal in the long term. Like I talked about in this post, laser-eye surgery can be cheaper, in the long run, than buying contact lenses or glasses or just squinting.

You know frugal icon Marilyn Monroe was all about the frugal glasses.

Another, more exteme example is that getting your tubes tied can be cheaper than buying condoms or taking birth control pills - more expensive in the short-term, kind of a huge investment of time and energy, but cost-effective in the long term.

For me, this is how I'm trying to look at clothes these days. I can make a one-time, most expensive purchase of really good classic pieces that'll last for ages. If you divide the cost per wear, something like a classic trenchcoat can wind up costing pennies a day - if you wear it for 10-20 years.

What about you guys? What's worth the investment for you?

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